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Project manager name and surname: Berke Saka
Project manager email:
Project Title: Young, Active and Heath
Project Short Description: The “Young, active and health” project was carried out in 2016 – 2018, in an interdisciplinary partnership concluded by Student Sport Club Conrad (the organization coordinating the course of the project), Gem Girisim Egitim Gem.ilk ye Spor Ktubu Dernegi, NGO organizations, which carry out activities in the field of general sport from Poland and Turkey, as well as the Physical Education Universities from Gdansk and Ankara. Accomplishment of the project was aimed to build a cross-sectorai, Polish-Turkish net of cooperation in the field of wotking with the youth and popularization of amateur sport in Poland and Turkey. In the framework of carrying out the project partner organizations from Poland and Turkey, in cooperation with partners from the NGO sector and from University sector, have developed an innovative program of sport-recreational classes with the elements of judo. This program contains a set of various methods and techniques of working designated for conducting classes in youth groups with diversified skill level.
Project Short Description: The project attended by: 8 teachers and sport coaches, 6 youth leaders, 2 workers of the management personel of organizations, 151 young people aged 13 to 24 years old (who will participate in test classes) from two countries of the European Union. Furthermore, a group of 50 physical education teachers, 60 sport coaches, sport animators and youth leaders, and 1500 young people from Poland and Turkey, which coope
Erasmus + Action: KA2 Youth
Other EU Program:
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More elements: we used social media monitoring tool has the following features:
-Building collections from RSS feeds and social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr) by entering relevant keywords and/or user accounts
-Collection of contributors to social media material
-Detection of prevalent subjects and languages in each collection
-Collection of content in the form of objects (posts made on social networks, such as tweets, Facebook and YouTube videos, etc.)
-Sorting of items based on publication time (recency), popularity, and relevance
-Analytics over collections with a variety of visualisation widgets
-Filtering of items in a collection based on language, platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), publication date (since-until), and originality (original content or shared

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