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Project manager name and surname: Berke Saka
Project manager email:
Project Title: Europe of Thousands Culture
Project Short Description: The project team consists of 24 people aged 18 – 30 from Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Germany. The implementation of the project will increase the interest of local youth communities in the subject of cultural diversity and migration. The main results of the project will be:
1. Film – a series of interviews with young migrants living in local communities of partner organizations, which will enable 40 young people from migrant backgrounds to tell their story, motivation to change their place of residence, and to present their own culture to a wider audience.
2. A program of non-formal activities in the field of intercultural education, which can be conducted by young people for young people.
3. The “Festival of a Thousand Cultures” event presenting the range of topics related to various cultures present in the European space, the importance of respect and tolerance in our local communities, the possibilities of engaging young people in social activities, which will be the subject of work of the initiative group throughout the project.

4. Strengthening the international youth cooperation network, including 24 youth leaders from 4 Program Countries.
Project Short Description: Young people
Erasmus + Action: KA2 Youth
Other EU Program:
Project website:
The link to your best social media content:
More elements: we used social media monitoring tool has the following features:
-Building collections from RSS feeds and social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr) by entering relevant keywords and/or user accounts
-Collection of contributors to social media material
-Detection of prevalent subjects and languages in each collection
-Collection of content in the form of objects (posts made on social networks, such as tweets, Facebook and YouTube videos, etc.)
-Sorting of items based on publication time (recency), popularity, and relevance
-Analytics over collections with a variety of visualisation widgets
-Filtering of items in a collection based on language, platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), publication date (since-until), and originality (original content or shared

Date: February 22, 2023
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Newsletter #2

Partners organized a European training week for project managers to test the methodology and tools of Social EU in Beja (Portugal), from the 2nd till the 8th of May 2022.

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