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Project manager name and surname: Ludovic Thilly
Project manager email:
Project Title: EC2U Alliance
Project Short Description: The European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U) is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual Alliance consisting of seven long-standing, education- and research-led, locally and globally engaged universities from four diverse regions of the European Union: the Universities of Coimbra (Portugal), Iași (Romania), Jena (Germany), Pavia (Italy), Poitiers – Coordinator- (France), Salamanca (Spain) and Turku (Finland). The Alliance’s ambition is to create an innovative space developing synergies between academic and non-academic stakeholders, internationalizing life on university campuses and an innovative space that gives life to a fluid mobility between partners in order to achieve a more united Europe. All the activities of the alliance enshrine the Sustainable Development Goals, particulary the #SDG4, #SDG5 and #SDG11. 
Project Short Description: The alliance has two main targets: internal targets with all the people within the partner universities (students, staff, teachers, researchers) who are both the key actors of the project and the main beneficiaries of the results produced. On the other hand, external targets aiming at the general public, including the citizens of the partner cities, all the other associated partners and the stakeholders of the European community.
Erasmus + Action: KA2 Youth
Project website:
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More elements: The particularity of EC2U is that it is a multidisciplinary project involving a wide range of heterogeneous participants and stakeholders, which is difficult to achieve with a single action.
The different activities are promoted through social media, internal and external emails, articles, the display of posters on the university campus and/or in the city and the distribution of flyers and soon a newsletter.
The activities are promoted through the channels of EC2U, the partner universities and the associated partners. When the activities are particulary targeted to students, the promotion is done also via local student associations’ social media.Two methods of exchange are implemented between the local communication coordinators of each university (com officers) and the global communication coordination team: 
– if the event is organised by the alliance as a whole, the coordination team publishes on the alliance’s networks and the com officers can relay the information on the accounts of each partner university.
– if the event is organised by one of the alliance’s universities and has links with the alliance, a channel on Microsoft Team is allocated to share communication tools and important information to the others members.

Date: January 26, 2023
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