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Project manager name and surname: Megan Reis
Project manager email:
Project Title: EntreComp4Transition
Project Short Description: EntreComp4Transition: Building upon the EntreComp Framework for a green and digital transition. The twin green and digital transition is expected to bring benefits to all parts of EU society, including businesses. European citizens upskilling and re-skilling in entrepreneurship domain is on the centre of the radar and especially green and digital skills. Participation in and contribution to sustainable solutions paths the way to stronger and more resilient Europe, and entrepreneurship is the key to enable this change. Building on the EntreComp framework, the project aims at directly supporting the twin transition throughout Europe.
Project Short Description: 1. Foster new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning.
2. Improve the quality and relevance of skills developed.
3. Stimulate a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial attitudes, mind-sets and skills.
4. Facilitate the flow and co-creation of knowledge.
5. Building and supporting education and training systems.
6. Foster corporate social responsibility.
Erasmus + Action: Sector Skills Alliance
Project website:
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More elements: Our project is still quite new, so we haven’t yet had a large scale social media campaign. However, we are happy to share a small campaign dedicated to the ‘country clusters’. This was an opportunity to introduce the partners and their countries. See for example: We are also very pleased with the project flyer as a handy tool to share project information at online and in person events

Date: January 31, 2023
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