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Project manager name and surname: İpek memik ayman
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Project Title: Protect
Project Short Description: Protect Project is funded by Erasmus+ and runs from 2020 to 2023. The project is being delivered by 4 youth organisations and 1 formal educational training provider from Cyprus, France, Poland, Turkey and the UK, who all share one common goal—promoting the understanding of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and providing youth workers with training materials which will better equip them to work with CSE and related and overlapping issues such as criminal exploitation.
Project Short Description: Protect Project will host training events at a local level in each partner country, focusing on issues such as protection against online and offline grooming, engagement with unhealthy relationships and risky behaviour, and gang or drug involvement. The goal of these training events is to both to support youth workers who are affected by or involved in CSE work and to enhance youth workers’ skills, understanding and overall competencies of CSE and related issues through the change of practices.
Erasmus + Action: KA2 Adult Education
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