Disseminating EU projects on social media gives you advantage of a wider audience. How to write an effective post? There is not a set of specific rules but keep in mind these indications that will help improve your results.
Henrique Martins · December 20, 2021

Disseminating European projects on social media gives us the great advantage of a wider audience and the possibility to reach more people than other old ways. 

On the other hand, communication on social media can be quite tricky if we do not know how to build effective content that can be visible between the multitude of posts that appear on users’ walls every minute. Since social networks are “user generated contents” tools, we have to always keep in mind that we are not the only one producing content at that moment and that for sure our content will appear in a complex row of other very different topics, images, videos, articles. We also have to keep in mind that we usually open social networks to look for some fun or just to kill some time, so we are not always prepared to read intense or detailed  information.

But how can we write an effective post on social media?

There is not a set of specific rules but for sure we have to keep in mind these generic indications that will help us improve our results.

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