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Project manager name and surname: Luca Trovato
Project manager email:
Project Title: IPER – ICT to Promote Cultural Heritage
Project Short Description: The project aims to exploit nano-learning methodology, (a nano-learning program is a tutorial program designed to permit a participant to learn a given subject in a ten-minute time frame through the use of electronic media and without interaction with a real time instructor), in order to update the skills of professionals working in tourism and cultural heritage and to allow them to promote the EU cultural heritage using ICT according to the principles of accessible tourism. The project will be focused on managing cultural sites and gastronomy as two essential components of the cultural heritage. A promotion of this bound will be based on the concept of orange tourism, a new tourism model whose aim is not only to attract tourists, but to let them merge in the cultural and social context of the visit, through different experiences strictly connected to cultural and traditional customs of the visited area.
Cultural heritage operators will become more:
– able to seize the opportunities offered by ICTs and digital technologies
– open to creativity and entrepreneurship
– able to connect with disabled people and other sectors, such as tourism, gastronomy, SMEs, startups and technology.
Project Short Description: The primary target group was represented, according to ESCO profiles, by Gallery, museum and library technicians, Artistic, cultural and culinary associate professionals, Sports, recreation and cultural center managers, Arts education officer, Cultural facilities manager, Cultural policy officer.
Erasmus + Action: KA2 VET
Project website:
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More elements: The following aspects guaranteed the dissemination and exploitation of the project results:
– All the partners developed and implemented training programs and/or advising services for SMEs and/or operators in tourism and cultural heritage value chain, as well as services about accessible tourism, and, for this reason, they were able to:
1. Share information in order to create a communication strategy and a stakeholder involvement strategy at the beginning of the project. The mapping of the targeted audience (core group) and larger audience including specialized media was key to ensure proper dissemination during the project;
2. to use the Iper products in the long term.

A key factor for the project dissemination and exploitation was Assocamerestero (the italian chambers of commerce’s network), composed of 78 chambers from 54 countries in the world, that ensured a wide diffusion of the project results even after its end. During chambers’ seminars and events the training materials was disseminated to SMEs and/or operators in tourism and cultural heritage value chain and to the most relevant stakeholders.

Date: December 3, 2021
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