Interview to Claudia Matera about SocialEu Online Training Course

As a participant of SocialEu Online, how do you think it’s necessary to do a project like SocialEu that wants to improve the skills of Eu Managers in social media? Do you think in general there is enough spread of information in European projects?

SocialEu training provides a complete overview on communication, social media channels and what to analyse before designing and developing a communication plan. The community further support thanks to examples and real cases which inspires potential approaches.

After doing the training, have you noticed any changes in your organisation in terms of creation of content and social media management? Are you using skills learned in the training?

In our organization social media are crucial to disseminate our activities and run our awareness raising campaigns. The training has been beneficial to confirm approaches our communication manager was already adopting and provided tools to support the young members of the team and the interns willing to understand how communication efforts can be maximized. Young generations are more exposed to social media, but they don’t have the experience with the management side of it.

In general, how much do you think social media helps to disseminate the project?  Do you think European Project managers have enough knowledge on this field? What do you think of the idea of using a platform or a channel to spread European projects dynamically?

Usually, project managers have a communication manager or officer as collaborators, unless the main focus of the organization is on communication and dissemination, as in our case. We’ve just opened a project channel on TikTok where we’re raising awareness on cybercrimes affecting young people through original music and videos and of course a multimedia, more dynamic, type of approach has immediately captured the attention since the first video without any promotion.

Social networks are constantly changing. How relevant you consider the existence of a platform like SocialEu that helps to be updated in social media, having the possibility to create connections, forums and know about different EuProjects?

Updates on social media ‘standards’ is definitely beneficial for project managers and organisations running EU funded projects. Every time there’s an update, there’s also a lot of material published but often they are too much targeted towards marketing and branding strategies. Tailored updates on this topic would be beneficial.

Please, could you add a comment to encourage European Project Managers to sign up for the online course if you consider it.

Often dissemination and communication are considered the last additional task of a project. At the opposite, good communication is equally important to good training and output because it supports the audience and society in benefitting from the project results and SocialEU course provides a comprehensive overview on the topic and includes cases and examples to be inspired with.