Report on skills gaps in social media communication by EU project managers

Although the web is full of free online tools that could support project dissemination, the majority of the organizations involved are not familiar with them (ex. social media: not having a company profile or even personal profiles of the staff involved). Therefore, a unique approach to social media campaigns and communication, not considering local specificity and organizations capacities, will be inappropriate to really work in different contexts.

SocialEU aims to support European project managers of Erasmus+ KA2 (specifically) and all other EU funded projects managers (as a wider target group) by improving their competences on social media management, dissemination and strategy.

Social media will be the means to tailor the communication according to the specificity of the country or local area in which the project has to be promoted and really reach the target group.

We created a report from an online quantitative survey acted as a part of an analysis of training needs and aimed to reach project managers from the involved countries and from EU countries in general, in order to explore the competences needed and to have input from the target group on what they feel as a gap in their communication competences through social media.

A primary research to explore the competences needed by EU projects to be able to properly use social media to disseminate their project aims to collect information that will be relevant to structure a competence framework to help Erasmus+ project managers in communicating through social media their projects to different audiences.

The online survey aimed to:

  • discover the familiarity and usage levels of the project managers and the required competences to improve thanks to the training;
  • identify competencies needed by EU project managers to become Social EU project managers;
  • identify training needs perceived by project managers to be able to reach different target groups through the use of social media and with social media specific campaigns.

Newsletter #3

The dissemination is crucial in EU project and we may define it as the public disclosure of the project results.

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