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Project manager name and surname: Juan Manuel Hegedüs-Gravina
Project manager email:
Project Title: CHARTER – European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance
Project Short Description: CHARTER brings together and represents the whole range of the cultural heritage sector in Europe. Our mission is to identify skills shortages and mismatches in the CH sector to bridge the gap between education and training and the occupational system. We work towards creating a lasting, comprehensive strategy that will guarantee Europe has the necessary cultural heritage skills to support sustainable societies and economies, including transversal competences such as digital/technological and green/blue economy skills.
Project Short Description: CH industry; CH professionals; Universities/Higher Education/Academics; VET centres and trainers; EU projects; Networks; Policy Makers; Public Bodies; Students.
Erasmus + Action: Sector Skills Alliance
Project website:
The link to your best social media content:
More elements: The CHARTER communication strategy is based on the values of collaboration, participation, content-quality and open-doors policy to the cultural heritage sector actors.

We give a major importance to our social media accounts as the privileged platform to engage with our target-groups, raise awareness about our project as other cultural heritage initiatives of interest, and give updated and recent information of the project’s progress. The main goal of our social media activity is to involve our partners and external stakeholders in our achievements and activities to have a close and friendly follow-up.

The fact we are a blueprint project aimed to conclude with a strong and sustainable European cultural heritage skills alliance has led us to build an image that transcends our project-based nature. We consider social media channels the best diversified means to create this larger public image in the cultural heritage sector, where we are often perceived as an organisation because of our high activity and presence.

We use our website to create quality contents about CHARTER as well as other projects, initiatives and topics, to later circulate them on social media creating traffic to our site. This content-marketing approach leads us to also plan 360º approaches on the project’s development, for example, for presenting results or events.

We submit as best post the one developed for our first public result, the report “A new landscape for heritage professions – preliminary findings”. We designed a one-month dissemination strategy for social media channels, including different articles by different CHARTER partners, an explanatory video of the CH ecosystem model and a video of a partner directly addressing our followers and inviting them to read the report. Through different types of contents, with different tones and aims, we have collected a great social media response in likes and shares.

Date: December 9, 2021
Time: 12:40 pm
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