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Project manager name and surname: Maria Macedo
Project manager email:
Project Title: SHOUT – Social Sciences and Humanities in Intersectoral Outreach for Better Education and Sustainable Innovations
Project Short Description: We Aim To Strengthen Innovation Capacity And Transformational Role Of HEIs, SMEs And NGOs
when dealing with complex problems presented in Sustainable Development Goals and developing innovative sustainable solutions through inter-sectoral cooperation model and enhanced sharing of knowledge between different stakeholders, SSH graduates and researchers employability.
Project Short Description: SSH Academic providers + second and third sector representatives (SMEs and NGOs) workiing in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Erasmus + Action: Knowledge Alliance
Project website:
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More elements: We promoted a seires of good practices on Social Sciences and Humanties relevance and impact and role in innovative projects. This campaign was heavily backed up by a series of short videos that promote each individual practice.

Date: December 14, 2021
Time: 4:12 pm
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