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Project manager name and surname: Carla Macanás
Project manager email:
Project Title: ExSport Us 2018-3-IT03-KA205-014806
Project Short Description: Export Us involves a committed Consortium of partner organizations for collecting Non Formal Education and Sport methodologies contrasting the phenomenon of bullying among young people, producing integrated educational formats and methodological resources for operators in the fields of youth and Sport.
Project Short Description: Target audiences: At the direct level- young people aged 18-25. At the indirect level- NGOs, Sport clubs, educators at the level of secondary school willing to complement the existing educational offer of their institutions with extra-curricular programmes sensitizing young people on the contrast to bullying phenomena.
Erasmus + Action: KA2 Youth
Project website:
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More elements: So much effort was put from the partner organizations towards online dissemination. A total of 5 articles were published in L’ORMA’s blog; a YouTube playlist was created to share both research and LTTA results; 250 followers were reached through the Facebook page. It is calculated that, through all these social media actions, more than 5.000 people were reached along the entire project. Take into consideration that some of the Facebook got to more than 1.500 views and we have maintained a quite good level of publishing and reactions (around 50 posts published over the 24-month period). Partners believe that the result of these actions is a more aware and concerned general community about bullying, which will lead to more strengths put towards its eradication. Of course, the distribution of the outputs (available in 4 languages) among the partners’ networks both locally and internationally and through online platforms (like the website) will have an influence on this matter as well.

Last but not least, the Facebook group formed during the LTTA should be mentioned. Through this platform, a community of trainers compromised to make a change for inclusion and against any kind of physical or mental aggression among youth has been stablished, giving the possibility to share and develop new ideas that can be transformed into innovative activities or training methods under the scope of NFE and ETS. Even if the group was created in the summer of 2021, participants still make use of it to this day to share ideas and experiences related to the topic of the project.

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