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Project manager name and surname: Marta Fernández Bernabeu
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Project Title: DIGITALIS Innovation for young Students
Project Short Description: DIGITALIS project is dedicated to primary education starting from the preparation of young students for the world of work, where digital literacy is essential. The innovation of the project stems from the learning methodology that will combine in-class assignments with game-based learning techniques aiming to foster the development of a range of digital competences and also the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindsets. Combining theoretical and practical training will allow the students to connect theory and practice and conquer knowledge. The methodological framework of the project will offer both teachers and students high-quality training and will be implemented in five different European countries Greece, Cyprus, France, Romania, and Spain. Through Open Calls 25 teachers will be selected and be trained in the proposed methodology, acting as ambassadors and implementing the methodology and tools of the project in their classroom. In the long run, the active participation of teachers aims to foster future initiatives using the methodological framework and tools of the project ensuring also its sustainability.
Project Short Description: Teachers, trainers, childrens, parents
Erasmus + Action: KA2 School
Project website:
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More elements: Some interesting elements of the project’s overall social media strategy are the additional activities we carry out in schools to raise awareness. We recently did an activity with teachers from different countries to teach them about the project and gave them practical training so that they could implement the project in their classrooms.

Date: December 21, 2021
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