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Project manager name and surname: Miriam Fernandez Picazo
Project manager email:
Project Title: ACCESS4ALL- Awareness and Capacity building for ChangEs in policy SchemeS for disability towards incLusive societies
Project Short Description: The ACCESS4All project supports in a holistic and integrated approach the capacity building of key-factors involved directly or indirectly with the disabled people integration. Its mision is to raise awareness on the needs and fundamental rights of persons with disabilities at local/regional level in order to practically enhance their quality of life. The results will be that the participants-trainees will gain the proper, necessary and update knowledge and skills on a variety of issues concerning disability and real inclusive contexts in regards with participation of disabled people in personal, labor and social life, among others.
Project Short Description: individuals, staff, or agents of policy making (individuals, groups of persons, institutions/ members of boards of local councils, administrative staff, ublic servants, NGOs representatives, and any other interested stakeholders need to be included for better results).
Erasmus + Action: KA2 Adult Education
Project website:
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More elements: In the lifecycle of the project, 4 press releases and 4 newsletters will be published. We are publishing at least 2 posts in each social network, and we will increase it with videos and instagram stories to reach 1000 followers among the three social networks of the project. In addition, we are collecting “good practices” from organisations in the countries of the consortium, in order to approach them and contribute not only in the research of the project but also in the field of dissemination. In each TPM, we attend a museum/talk/conference about the adaptations of that country to people with disabilities.

Date: December 30, 2021
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Newsletter #2

Partners organized a European training week for project managers to test the methodology and tools of Social EU in Beja (Portugal), from the 2nd till the 8th of May 2022.

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