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Project manager name and surname: Paolo Montemurro
Project manager email:
Project Title: Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hub
Project Short Description: Promoting entrepreneurship for students of arts and humanities by creating hubs where to develop projects and test entrepreneurial competences.
Project Short Description: Students, Universities, Creative Industries
Erasmus + Action: Knowledge Alliance
Project website:
The link to your best social media content:[0]=68.ARDDWV0GjoiwlmzL1Cllnk5Xn416QMQPletwcW1zcPy7qDdHFjc3GrZwn9NNv4bPejzBwDfGpMoJUzqx0aasHMCPckHPw3qidf388IyZHI8tSdg8uamT76sUpDTtLuegoAJMsGs7qD4j9iWlOKwNgILtVIJr8tKDip9UB9N1x6aChSDZEUq8SVZXTMlkpneL-hifnFa_ZrIRQyTm1OCNIo4fF_-VPQ2FoljW50eHquvnIz9u3VHwsWyLo0vjweGwWjDcqzKcYOqyNvmzYpJLQXfDjNjwc70dfgyqbOyZ62YLx19azFVgKtY
More elements: Use of social media to promote stories from students, companies, accademia. Mix of videos, images, articles.

Date: November 30, 2021
Time: 8:54 am
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