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Project manager name and surname: Sérgio Fernandes
Project manager email:
Project Title: Digital Tourism
Project Short Description: It developed a new qualification (EU Level IV/V) for one of Europe’s and World’s highest growing sectors, Tourism, under a consortium of VET providers, R&D experts, Social Entrepreneurs & Mobility experts, Business Association and a VET Providers European Umbrella Association. The countries were: Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands.
The profile is the Digital Tourism (DT) intermediate professional. Under the supervision of the Marketing / Sales Director, (s)he helps her/his superior to define the online strategy of the organization, being able to implement the politics, preparing its Products for an online systematic, updated, and customer interactive and personalized Promotion, using text, image, sound and video tools. (S)he helps the negotiation with both suppliers and retailers, over the online channel, gathering, analysing and providing relevant financial and commercial data to the Sales / Financial area, so that the Price could be decided efficiently.
It will be built around 2 axis: Technological; WBL, developed with commonly defined items – content, learning outcomes, tools and equipment to be used. The first will target topics related to eTourism. The last one will define the framework for WBL.

This qualification mixes both Tourism and IT skills, meeting the market new trends of consumer choices, mostly online and through peer reviews. As it targets to youth people – 15/16 to 18/19 years old students –, it prepares them to work in several types of Hospitality organizations, both under traditional business models – DMCs–Destination Management Companies / DMOs-Destination Management Organizations, GDS–Global Distribution Services, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Tourism Animation companies, national/regional/local Tourism Boards – and online/cloud business models, the digital travel market: from metasearch engines / fare aggregators, OTA–Online Travel Agencies or traditional Tourism companies that already work / want to upgrade their work on the electronic sales channel -, with all types of Tourism products – Sun & Beach, Business, MICE, City Breaks, Golf, Nature, Cultural, Gastronomy, …, as they will be performing tasks on businesses B2B – Business to Business or B2C – Business to Consumer, as their job profile allows them to help creating / developing / promoting / selling online products, tangible or non-tangible, small or big, private or public, through a mix set of competences that go from Marketing to Geography, Psychology to IT, Arts to History, Photo to Video, national language to other European Languages.
The project supports the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills targeting promotional and marketing strategies based on IT (e-tourism), as digital services allow a company to become a place where technological innovation generates cultural, social and economic development.
Students will also be quite mobile, as the course was designed to be implemented in international companies and it will also include long term work based learning, with a minimum of three months.
Project Short Description: The main direct target group are young learners, from 15/16 to 18/19 years old, with a completed level II (9th grade) education or training.
The second direct group will be VET providers all over Europe, after the national / regional authorities include it on their national available double certified (level III/secondary & professional qualifications) courses, with the eventual necessary adaptations. They will be the ones which will promote the course, in order to achieve the main target group. The network of regional/national validation authorities will be important to complement the dissemination EfVET will do – the first ones will include this qualification into their national ones, making it available to the second ones.
The main indirect group are Hospitality organizations, public and private, who will hire the students after they graduate from the VET providers. They will know the course by VET providers network, as the qualification includes work base learning period, no less than three months abroad, so companies around Europe, not only from participating partners’, will be asked to host students for their internships. Subsequently, VET providers will describe the qualification to these companies.
Erasmus + Action: KA3
Project website:
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More elements: Within the Digital Tourism project, and hosted in its Facebook page and its Digital Tourism Qualification Forum page, monthly short online events are organised, named Tourism Talks, and broadcasted through those platforms. These events have guests, external or internal to partners’ organizations, who are invited to briefly discuss a Digital Tourism related topic, followed by Q&A session. Each partner was in charge of not only suggesting topics, but also speakers. These Tourism Talks were promoted nationally and internationally by all partners, and were free.

Date: December 30, 2021
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