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Project manager name and surname: Samantha Carty
Project manager email:
Project Title: WeRin
Project Short Description: WeRin, Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, is a forward-thinking European initiative. The team of 14 partners from 6 European countries are passionate about increasing the share of female graduate entrepreneurs. The ambition is to make entrepreneurship education and support programmes more inclusive for women.
Project Short Description: The primary target audience for the WeRin project consists of:

* Entrepreneurship educators (lecturers, mentors, coaches)
* Entrepreneurship Programme Managers in Higher Education Institues, incubators of the university, and in non-academic organisations in charge of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in the broader regional entrepreneurship ecosystem
* Female students in Higher Education Institutes (graduates and post-graduates)
* Aspiring female entrepreneurs already graduated
* Female Entrepreneurs looking for growth
* Non-academic partners like regional development agencies in charge of entrepreneurial education and support programmes
Erasmus + Action: Knowledge Alliance
Project website:
The link to your best social media content: WeRin on Twitter: “[1] Melanie Rieback – @MelanieRieback is a successful female role model entrepreneur that we are proud to showcase.” / Twitter
More elements: Since the 3-year Knowledge Alliance, WeRin project started earlier this year, it has been successful in securing 452 LinkedIn followers and 237 Twitter followers. The strategy taken has been to introduce the project, its aims, the partners involved and the phases of the project, posting on a twice weekly basis through two dedicated social media channels for consistency. We actively engage with the 14 WeRin project partners and other supporters on the remaining days using hashtags to build our audience: #werin #femalegraduateentrepreneurs #femaleentrepreneurship #erasmusplus#entrepreneurshipeducation #knowledgealliance #inclusiveecosystems #euregionaldevelopment
Relevant content is also posted to Momentum’s Facebook (2) Momentum educate + innovate | Facebook and Instagram channels Momentum [educate + innovate] (@momentum.educate.innovate) • Instagram photos and videos.

We use the website and colourful brand to attract positive attention as well as posting blogs, e-zine, quotes, polls, and work package content. As part of the WeRin project research and discovery phase we created a showcase of 27 successful female role model entrepreneurs already embedded in the regional ecosystem. Resources – We R In ( By regularly highlighting tenacious, ambitious, and resourceful female entrepreneur role models and sharing their realistic advice on social media with calls to action, we have been successful in engaging a wider audience for this project and driving downloads of the role model profiles from our website. For example, this tweet earned 900 impressions. WeRin on Twitter: “[1] Melanie Rieback – @MelanieRieback is a successful female role model entrepreneur that we are proud to showcase.” / Twitter

The recent WeRin regional Think Tank events which were planned to encourage solutions, explore inclusive entrepreneurship and education, were widely promoted across our social media channels and achieved good analytics. Over the previous 28 days, the project secured 7.7K impressions on LinkedIn and 25.3K impressions on Twitter with videos posted earning 304 views during the same period. Are you in? We encourage you to follow our @WeRinproject project today!

Date: December 6, 2021
Time: 3:38 pm
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